Rising From The Ashes

In 2008 I created Bkish. Bkish was a general book review blog, a site focusing on all things books and writing. We had interviews, op-eds, how-tos, we had a number of contributors, we had a following. It was actually a very fun and informative blog. Here’s an image of what it used to look like…


… then I let it languish! The last update was what you see above, dated April 7th 2010. That’s almost five years ago as of this writing. Life took over and I closed Bkish. It was a mistake.

Bkish is back!

This time, however, Bkish is about independent writers. We focus on reviews of books from self-published authors. We believe self-publishing is not only the future, it’s the right now! There are so many amazing books being self-published right now that to ignore them is completely detrimental to literature. Bkish is not about the publishing industry, it’s not about major publication, it’s not about gatekeepers. It’s about writers working on their own to get their art out to people directly.

So please stick around and discover something new. If you’re a writer or reviewer yourself, please contribute and help Bkish grow. We’re hoping to build a thriving literary community through our self-published book reviews and we can only do that with your help.

Thank you so much for reading!

Joseph Irvin, Editor